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Bioenergetics (Alexander Lowen)
Welcome in my praxis for body-psycho-therapy.
 I work with single clients and groups, with words and with the body, with Bioenergetic Analysis, speaking, feeling, finding a way together with you to work on your problem.  

I'm no native english speaker - I'm German, but my english should be well enough. I speak a little french, some words italien and spanish, too.  Whatever country you're from, if you speak some english, we can communicate. 
First appointment:  30.- €
to get to know each other, speak about your problem, what you are looking for and what I can offer.
Therapy session: 1 hour / 70.-€
(sorry, only privat possible! Sometimes social price, too.)

Where:  Ströme e.V.,  Hermannstr. 48,   12049 Berlin
I work in "Ströme e.V.", 2.  Backyard, in the factory buildimg up in the 5.th floor.
My person:
Alice Moll, Dipl. Psychology , Bioenergetic Analyst (CBT)
Training: NIBA (www.niba-eV.de), authorizised IIBA
Born: Dec.1963, married - 1 son (28)
With Bioenergetics since 1987, first as client and student - later, as Psycholgist, as Therapist. I love to work with body and mind, with the inner child, to help find the alivness and inner feelings, to find a path to deal with the realities and be honest to oneself... 
Contact:  fon 0049-30-62607958   alice.moll@posteo.de
Sorry, no groups next time -

if you are interested in workshop,
or in Supervision as body-psycho-therapist-
please contact me!

Praxis für Bioenergetische Analyse Alice Moll, Berlin. Einzeltherapie, Gruppen, Einführungskurse in die Bioenergetik nach A. Lowen